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About Us – The Freedom Train

About Us

The Freedom Train: Riding Together Toward Freedom. Leaving None Behind.

What is The Freedom Train? (TFT)

The Freedom Train (TFT), is an Online Movement & Social Community centered around Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching. We aim to provide Insight, Inspiration & Motivation for the Mind, Body & Soul.

We do this through our Website & Social Media via different methods that include but are not limited to Memes, Pictures, News Articles, Motivational Quotes, Our Newsletter, Our Blog, Our Webinars, Our Library & Store front where members can access E-Books, E-Courses, Audio & Videos. Our Youtube Channel featuring lots of content on subjects of various kinds and much more.

Content all of which caters to multiple topics within categories such as Friendship, Love, Relationships, Social Topics, Family, Fashion, Personal Development, Mental Health & Wellness, Physical Health & Wellness, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and More.

Our Demographic is currently geared to people of any age pre-teen and up. in future we hope to create a platform for toddlers and young children.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to Encourage, Motivate & Inspire. To help you become the best version of yourself you can be.

Everyday people all over the world struggle with Loneliness, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Self Harm/Self Injury, Anxiety, Eating Disorders. Struggles with Body Image, Social Struggles such as Making Friends, Struggling to fit in. Bullying, Teen Violence, Teen Pregnancy, Abusive Friendships & Relationships, Financial Struggles and so much more.

The hardest part of living with all of these struggles (no matter what age you are) is the access to affordable counseling and therapy, even with adequate health coverage. Wait lists currently span months to years in many parts of the world as supply is not enough to meet the needs and demand.

The Freedom Train seeks to provide an alternative approach. A community where people of all kinds can come to find support from other members. We are NOT Counselors, We are NOT Therapists, We DO NOT and CANNOT nor Intend to Provide medical advice. We are a movement of everyday people who have come to share positive and encouraging content to make the experiences just a little more easier.

We just want to encourage you and help you build! by spreading love, peace and happiness. We seek to provide a place where we can all help each other rediscover, grow and build their inner selves:

Together lets rediscover Self Love, Self Worth, Self Confidence, Self Determination & Self Motivation. Let’s aspire to inspire anyone, anywhere who wishes to free themselves of the many things that most of us commonly deal with in everyday life.

On our platform you will find content not just on all of the struggle of the above topics but we will also provide content which highlights the wonderful things about life as well.

No matter where you are in life, The Train will meet you anywhere you are. Nobody gets left behind.

The Freedom Train will also be offering Life Coaching Services & Public Engagement Events.

Freedom Train Entrepreneurs

Financial struggles play a big role in depression and many other personal struggles.

Job security is rapidly becoming a thing of the past and earning a living online by becoming an entrepreneur will one day become the most executed forms of survival. We know the struggles of not knowing how to keep you head above water financially.

We created The Freedom Train Entrepreneurs Section to provide Guidance, Ideas, Entrepreneurial Inspiration & Techniques to help you become the greatest version of yourself you can be!

Our Personal Portfolio of Entrepreneurship Opportunities are available for people and families looking to make an income from home or on the go. as we scour the internet for Active & Passive income generating opportunities, Our goal is to review them and then share them with you! helping you find your way to financial freedom! leaving nobody behind!

Want to start a business online but don’t know where to start? Make Money With The Freedom Train!

Join us and Become a Freedom-preneur! A Freedom Train Entrepreneur!

Our best will be done to create a click and go system of content and tutorial videos that will hold your hand and walk you thru everything step by step, ensuring you get things done right, keep you in the loop and have all the support you need along the way.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Create, Lead, Motivate, & Inspire a Family, A Collective. A Unified Movement of Positive, like minded individuals known as “Freedom Riders” (Entrepreneurs known as “Freedom-Preneurs”) from all walks of life, who are in need of Emancipation and seeking to Reclaim Self.

We hope to lead as many people toward inner freedom as we can. no matter what that freedom looks like for that individual. by creating a platform where people young and old can discover the power within themselves and find the support, guidance and motivation they need to make their dreams a reality, and become the best versions of themselves they can be.

Content that is Thought Provoking, Thought Promoting! Spreading Love & Positivity!

Who Is TFT For?

The Freedom Train
This Journey is for anybody looking to become involved as well as anybody seeking: Comfort, Encouragement, Advice, A listening Ear, A shoulder to lean on. Insight, Inspiration, Motivation, Laughs, Info to share with others who need motivation and encouragement and anyone in between! All Ages! All walks of Life!

Freedom Train Entrepreneurs
To be an Freedom Train Entrepreneur, the only thing you need is a great work ethic. Freedom-preneurs come from all backgrounds:

* Single Parents / Families - Single Parents & Families looking to expand their financial limits, provide more for the family and spend more time together

* College / University Students - Students who want to earn extra income to use towards food, tuition and other expenses. Students who also just want to free up more time to study. Earn with us!

Who Is TFT For?

* The 9-5 Folks - People who rather be anywhere but their job. people who would rather take control of their destiny & be their own boss. Earn from home!

* The Entrepreneur - Already making money online? Already successful? take your income and portfolio to the next level.

* Migrants & Newcomers - New to the country? or living outside of North America? We’ve got something for you too! this is a great way to make extra income to support your financial needs.

* Young Adults - Fresh out of high school? unemployed? not sure what path you want to pursue? lots of opportunities to earn income make money your way!

* Retirees - Retired? Looking for extra income? a new pastime? your in the right place! Earn with us!


About the Conductor

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-> (Boarding Pass) - The Freedom Train Newsletter.

-> (The Conductors List) - Our Entrepreneurs Newsletter.

*Blog - Our Blog is a great place to see Articles on all TFT covered topics & categories.

*Social Feeds - See whats Happening on our Social Media Pages.

*Media Section:

 -> Videos - Our Youtube Channel video feed.

-> Audio - Audio versions of our youtube channel videos & other Audio

 -> Podcasts - Freedom Train Podcasts on TFT covered topics & categories.
Gallery - Our Photo Gallery featuring photos Events, Seminars & Public Engagements.


*Academy Section:

-> Courses - E-Courses on all TFT covered Categories
->Classroom - Section where you can find Previously Recorded Group webinars.

->Library - Section where you can find Audiobooks & E-Books on all TFT covered topics & categories
Webinars Room - Anytime we host a webinar, the link to our webinar will be found on this page.

*Community Section:

 -> Events Page - Keep in the loops with all upcoming TFT Events!

-> Forum - Join the Conversation! Members can participate in our site forum on any TFT covered topics and categories. Start your own topics as well!

-> Chat Room - Chat live with other TFT members!

-> Testimonials Page - Where Members and visitors can read reviews and testimonials written by TFT members.


*Online Shop:
-> TFT Store - This is where you will find all TFT branded merchandise for sale.

-> Shopify Store - Our FreedomWear Clothing line and accessories for your hearts content. 

-> Amazon Store - Here you will find any and all products mentioned on our Youtube Channel Videos.

*Entrepreneurs Section - This is where you can find our portfolio of all TFT income generating opportunities, as well as links to training videos.

The Team

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Are You Ready?

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